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Jeff Borglum

“Changing the way the world looks at Technical Services”

The Techie Dudes Story

My name is Jeff Borglum. I am the owner / President of Techie Dudes. I’ve been in the technology industry for 39 years. Back in 1983 I started with Sperry Univac, a mainframe company. As technology companies go, they merged with Burroughs Computers in 1988 and became Unisys. As many mergersgo, they continued to lay off many people for the next few years.

In 1991 I decided to make a jump and go to a little networking company (CNT Computer Networking Technology) startup back when networking was just getting started. I was employee number 125, and over the next 27 years they bought out other companies, merged, and were bought several times growing to over 7600 employees and became the 2nd largest networking company in the world (Brocade Communications), right behind Cisco. Halfway through my employment I was promoted to director of Premier Customer Services where I really grew my passion for customer service. My team was responsible for the success of large enterprise clients.

Then in 2017 Brocade was bought out by a large company based in Singapore that sold most of the company off in segments, in which my job was displaced. This happened to be the week of Thanksgiving, so I decided to take some time off and determine what else I would like to accomplish.

This is when I decided to start my own business supporting residents and commercial small businesses with computer and network support. In my research most IT computer service businesses focus on the mid-sized businesses, but there are few that focus on helping the small businesses of America.

Our business is focused on two segments as you can see from our web site, which are Residential and Small Business. When we say small business, we support everyone from a 1 person business to a little over 100 employees. For that reason we have several different contract types / levels to fit the size of your company. The people employed at Techie Dudes have a broad level of field experience in computers, networking, security, and small business SW and tools.

We are your computer and network specialists.

Techie Dudes Vision

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Feel free to reach out to us. We’re fully dedicated to guiding you through any challenge, regardless of its scale, with patience and expertise, one step at a time.