Data Recovery


We have a two step strategy that can recover your data with a 99% success rate.

The first step is in our lab running multiple tools to attempt to retrieve data or photos from your broken or dead computer, or electronic device.

If we are not able to recovery the data with our in house tools we have a partner with one of the best in the industry “clean room” recovery services.  In that environment they disassemble the device to directly retrieve the data.

There is never a charge to asses the device to see how successful we can be to recover your data.  Once the assessment is completed you will be notified with a report of what can be recovered, and a quote to complete the data retrieval.  In our partnership with the “clean room service” we are able to offer this service at no additional cost over their direct pricing, and we take care of all the processing.

If you have been holding on to those old hard drives, broken memory sticks, or other devices wondering how to get the data from them, we are happy to now offer this service to our customers.

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