Windows 7 Operating System service ends soon

Microsoft has announced for several months now that on January 14th 2020, Windows 7 PC’s will no longer receive software updates or support. This includes security updates, non security hotfixes, any free or paid assisted support, or any new online line technical content updates from Microsoft.

So what does this really mean??? No your Windows 7 computer is not going to magically stop working on January 14th 2020. But it does mean that without Microsoft researching the security and providing updates to security issues, it will quickly become unsecure to use on the internet. Think of it as the world and hackers advance forward and your computer stands still. Also as new applications and programs are developed they will not be Windows 7 compatible and you may not be able to run the things that you used to enjoy on your older Windows 7 computer.

So does than mean I need to buy a new computer with Windows 10? Maybe not! If you are perfectly happy with your current computer and it is functioning well, it may be possibly to do a software upgrade to Windows 10. There are some requirements that your older computer must meet to be able to qualify for this upgrade, such as a minimum amount of memory, hard drive size, and processor speed. If you are unsure of whether your computer can be upgraded, contact Techie Dudes for a free analysis.

Maybe it could be a good time to upgrade to a new computer, if your current computer is having issues, or is more than 5 years old. Here are some benefits of going to a new Windows 10 computer.

– Windows 10 laptop computers have up to 2.5X better performance, 3X longer battery life, and wake up from sleep mode 4X faster than a 5 year old PC

– Average of 28% faster startup than a Windows 7 PC

– IT management costs leads to a 15% efficiency improvement saving your business money every year

If you need help deciding whether its worth upgrading your current computer or purchasing a new one, talk to your IT Service professionals for advice such as Techie Dudes. They will be able to provide you a dollars and sense quote to upgrade your current computer or help you determine what a new computer for you should cost by recommending the right fit for you.

Time is ticking. In approximately 5 months Windows 7 support will end. Please be secure online and upgrade from Windows 7 before January 14th 2020.