Emergency Services

How We Can Help

We would be happy to be your IT service provider for your computer network even if you don’t currently have a contract with us. In the event you need emergency Technical Support, your priority is our priority. Our typical response time for emergency service is one hour during normal business hours Monday through Saturday.

We are available on a best effort basis to the availability of our technicians outside of our normal business hours. We have a 24/7 emergency Technical Support phone number you can access by calling our normal Techie Dudes office number. One of our technicians will answer and be dispatched to your location for emergency repair of your Computer Network.

**There will be an emergency dispatch fee added to the normal hourly rates for any after hours dispatch.

Call this number for after hours service options: (651)-330-6483

If your business is down because your internet is completely out, we have an emergency solution for that. We can provide immediate internet service within 1 hour during normal business hours. No internet connection required.

The data recovery process varies, depending on the circumstances of the data loss, the data recovery software used to create the backup and the backup target media. Data recovery services may also be used to retrieve files that were not backed up and accidentally deleted from a computer’s file system, but still remain on the hard disk in fragments.


Accidents are going to happen, environmental acts are going to happen. This may be the second most important consideration for your business network. Make sure your data and important information is always backed up.


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