When you get a new computer it’s lighting fast. That’s because there is very little actually running on it besides the operating system. Then as you load applications, programs, load documents, surf the internet for information, maybe play a game, it continues to get loaded with cookies, history, additional start up programs, temporary items in your memory, and becomes slower over time. Your computer hasn’t changed it’s speed, it’s just bogged down with so much crud that it’s having a hard time doing it’s basic functions.

If you wait for your computer just 15 seconds every time you pull up a document or change screens, and you pull up a document or change screens 10 times an hour, you would be wasting 1.6 hours a week. Which is significant, but when you translate that into time wasted per year that’s 86 hours a year wasted. That’s over two weeks.

Add in filtering through spam emails, maybe pop ups, hard drive full, memory shortage running slow and it could easily be more than 2 weeks per year. All of these things contribute to inefficiency in an office. Your computer network is similar to your car it needs regular maintenance and technical support to continue to perform at it’s optimal speed.


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