Service Prices

This is designed for the commercial client that anticipates only calling for our services very infrequently, and would rather not set up a contract relationship. This is also good for a one time immediate IT service need that perhaps your “Usual IT person” is not available. The rate is based on time and materials at $169.99 per hour, with no trip charge up to 15 mile radius from our office. Over 15 miles there will be $49.99 trip charge.

This is designed for the commercial client that is looking for a professional IT service business relationship. There is no long term contractual obligations, but you anticipate that you will need IT service periodically to build or maintain your IT infrastructure. This level can be used for all services we provide and will be billed on a time and materials basis per incident called out to Techie Dudes. The rate for this service agreement is $149.99 per hour, no minimum, no trip charges.

This is designed for the commercial client that anticipates regular use or would like to have professional IT services available for their company to call at any time without the hassle of receiving a time and materials invoice for each occurrence. This is a prepaid block of IT Service hours that can be used as much or as little as your company would like to. They do not expire, and you will receive a monthly statement with an itemized list of how hours were used and what your IT Service bank balance is. The hours are sold at the rate of $149.99 with a minimum block of 10 hours to purchase.

This is our highest level of IT Service that we provide. It includes a comprehensive package to include proactive maintenance, network and computer security, disaster recovery and backups, monitoring, and all service calls for one flat fee per month. Call for a free network assessment and Managed Service quote.



Computer Network security is on the of mind for a lot of businesses and it should be. Over 60% of small businesses that are cyber attacked go out of business within six months. Company data is named as one of the top two assets within any company.

We offer a FREE on site Network Health and Security Assessment.
A minimum $750 value

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Network Stability is Critically Important

If you don’t have a network or computers that you trust and can rely on, then you are most likely wasting money messing with and troubleshooting your computer network when you could be doing business.

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If you wait for your computer just 15 seconds every time you pull up a document or change screens, and you pull up a document or change screens 10 times an hour, you would be wasting 1.6 hours a week.Which is significant, but when you translate that into time wasted per year that’s 86 hours a year wasted.

That’s over two weeks!

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Do you think you are going to live forever? Of course not!

Do you think your computer is going to run forever? Of course not!

That’s ridiculous, accidents are going to happen, environmental acts are going to happen.

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We provide after hours emergency services with 7X24 emergency Technical Support and on-site repair plus our 1-hour emergency internet service.

No contract? No problem

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