Networks can be like a box of chocolates

At first look, they all look good, just unique from each other.  Some maybe better than others, some are sweeter, some with nuts. Then there’s always  the one that only Uncle Henry likes.  However, you may not know that until you’ve bitten into it.  Then it’s “dang, I wish I would have known before picking that one”

Computer Networks can be a bit like that.  Some are sweet, some are not, and then there is always the one that only Uncle Henry can love.  (Because he designed it.)  Every business is unique, and every business owner is unique, then there is the person that created the network also with their own ideals.  Mix it all together and you get multiple combinations of possibilities of how a network should be built.

When it all comes down to it everybody wants the same thing from their computers and networks.  Those things are:

1. Availability – The computer has to work, and be able to access the internet or programs when you need them to function.

Things to consider; age of the equipment, regular maintenance, is there redundancy planned in, quality of the equipment, is it simple or complex

2. Performance – When you are trying to perform a task, you want a quick response.  Time is money when you’re waiting on your computer or network you’re wasting money.

Things to consider; Age of equipment, has maintenance been done, Internet speed, network equipment capabilities

3. Security – The computer network has to be secure enough that you are not worried about being hacked, ransomware, or stolen documents.

Things to consider; Don’t rely upon just one layer of security for your network, as multiple levels such as a firewall, additional router, computer firewalls, antivirus and antispyware, password policies

4. Disaster Proof – Whether it’s a stolen laptop, spilled cup of coffee, or tornado, you need to know that your critical business data can be restored and rebuild your computer or business with confidence.

Things to consider; Local storage of all data on your computers, also a remote or cloud copy of all that information, how long can you live without your data

We have worked on a lot of networks for years.  There are no two networks alike. Some are designed really well, and perform well for years.  Some get left behind, and require a lot of tender loving care to get them back into a well performing stable network once they break.  That’s what makes IT Service interesting.  There will always be the one you bite into,,,, that only Uncle Henry could love.