Techie Dudes: How did we start?

Jeffry, the owner of Techie Dudes, knew he wanted to use his experience in over 35 years in IT services and computer networking to help people. With proper research, he founded Techie Dudes, a computer repair shop, in just 3 months. And what did he find? That individuals, residential homeowners and small businesses who needed computer help weren’t getting the attention they needed.

Techie Dudes opened its door May 21st, 2018 in White Bear Lake to help residential homeowners and small businesses. With over 20 customers within the first two weeks, Techie Dudes found that people really did need help. 2 customers who were on their way to Best Buy saw the Techie Dude sign and decided to stop by – and of course, their computer problems were solved.

Some of these customers were also older homeowners in the baby-boomer generation who needed help getting online so they can get on Facebook to talk to their friends and family.

Techie Dude was created to help people like yourself who may not know how to fix and troubleshoot malware, viruses or network and WIFI issues. We understand that computer users may experience computer troubles and have no one to turn to for help. That is why Techie Dude is here so that if you ever have any troubles with computers, you now know someone who can help!

Techie Dudes also aim to help Small businesses. Small business greatly outnumbers larger corporations, but they don’t necessarily receive the same care. That is why Techie Dudes offer small businesses onsite studies of the computers and network equipment used to see how they can improve productivity. Techie Dudes determine how best to help by looking at: the software and hardware you use, computer status, warnings, unsupported equipment, best practices, configurations and connectivity and many more things.

Techie Dudes are equipped with 3 vehicles to travel to your location to help you with your computer troubles and issues. With most problems being the environment, Techie Dudes want to save you the trouble of leaving your location so they come to you. If you’re close and want to stop by, Techie Dudes would love to have you come and visit the office.